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Genuine Brother M-K621BZ Labelling Tape Cassette – Black on Yellow, 9mm wide

Brother M-K621BZ Black on Yellow Labelling Tape – 9mm wide

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The M-K621BZ offers high-quality labels that have been specially designed to meet all your general labelling needs. Whether it’s for CDs, photo albums or food storage jars, this plastic labelling tape will ensure you can effortlessly create the variety of labels you’ll need to add some organisation to your home.

Key features

  • 9mm wide, 8m long
  • High quality genuine Brother cassette
  • Easily readable results


The M-K621BZ allows you to create high-quality labels that are sure to come in handy throughout your home. Available in various colour and width combinations, the small, compact cassette uses direct thermal printing (that’s right, no ink) to make the image on the tape.

This black on Yellow M-K621BZ labelling tape is compatible with any P-touch label printers that have the M tape logo printed on the cassette cover, and is a great organisational tool that can be used to label everything from files and folders to plug sockets and containers.

Tested by Brother to ensure its as dependable as possible, the versatile M-K621BZ offers high quality output every time you print, to provide you with crisp, easily readable labels.

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